Gaalen Engen

I grew up on long walks and solitary observation. This practice eased my depression and the camera gave purpose to those introspective moments, immortalizing them. As such, it became my familiar, recording the private notes of my life. Artistically, I appreciate life's lush vibrancy, but I also believe in the beauty of the forgotten, the grace of decrepitude and the power of emptiness. Therefore I have gravitated toward street photography. To me, it is the most open and honest expression of a community, of a culture and of a time. I wish to be the candid spectator, the truth-teller and the archivist. I am drawn to the quiet stories unfolding each day at street level. The ones missed as we rush to work, staring into our phones and cursing our existence. How would you be if you could truly see the world around you? I believe knowledge breeds charity and compassion, so I have made myself a voice for the unnoticed wonders and seemingly mundane moments weaving together into a nuanced human fabric. I have taken photos off and on since the age of seven but have never publicly shown my work until now.